HUMSS-B SASHS Students’ Project Trailer

As part of their project HUMSS B students of SASHS proudly presents the movie trailer ‘Mukha Sa Dilim’.

The story tells about to a student girl named Elyse that can perceive an eerie event—a ghost. Until one day she would find out an oblivious and obsolete suicide case inside the school that will change her entire life.

Will she able to solve the mystery and take a risk? Or merely forget the creepy happenings around?

ICOALF’S BEST: Soothing Ambience

“Calm and relaxing place where you could see a healthy and well taken garden of green plants surrounded with tress around the place,” I said with my awed expression.

That was my first impression as I’ve personally discovered how amazing the place of ICOALF was. We’ve been so blessed for having the permission to enter and takes some places a picture where angles suited our every shots.

Thank you anyway to the securities of that place who freely letting us to go there.

This place filled with green plants and soothing ambience that fits for trees and plants lover

Every One’s Fantasy

There were inescapable instances that we seem looking for something confusing, ambiguous—being captivated by the memories as you wish for its repetition however nil the possibility is.
At least in your lifetime you had great adventure, memories and genuine laughs. You became curious, weird kid and had surely an enjoyable childhood memories. At least you live even though how shortest and temporary the fantasy you had had.
But as we getting and gradually farther, changes are sometime unnoticeable. We are in the process of maturity as it carefully explains the immense contrast between reality from kid’s fantasy.
Seemingly standing on a rocky road toward to the battlefield of reality before the main place of desired happiness and wished career. Life has umpteen mysteries. Life is scaring sometimes. Life is sucking. Life is a living place where you could experience different things, people, culture; where you could encounter various killing emotions and harsh criticisms.
Adulthood is hard. Problems are drowning. Life is sucking. But these experiences taught me more to stand with courage—to face them all with my strongest and widest perception; how to deal, to survive.
We are all destined within our own battlefield. There are a lot of barriers in our adventurous road and trying to mislead our paths, trying to let us down. It’ll surely messy and painful, but remember how to carry an endless patience and outlook. Wear an optimism mind and fill the heart genuinely with hospitality—and let the love wide-spreading across to many. Appreciate every thing, sink to your mind that sometimes hardest could be the best experience to be treasured to bear to your next adventurous journey wherein childhood fantasy merely a reliever memories.

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